Calculate the amount of GST on your taxable sales. Use this smart calculator which gives you accurate results according to the latest criteria of GST for the year 2024 by the Australian government. This calculator also helps to add or subtract GST from any item.   

Australian GST Calculator

Australian GST Calculator

If you’re a sole trader, a businessman, or any other person and want to calculate how much  GST you have to pay to ATO or the amount of GST you should charge to your customers then this calculator will be a great help for you. This is an Australian GST calculator which means this tool is specifically designed to calculate GST all over Australia.


For using the GST calculator, follow these two simple steps and get results about your GST.


Step 1:Enter your desired amount for calculation.

Step 2: Click on Add GST or subtract GST according to your requirements.

Note: To calculate an included amount of GST from a total sale price, you can select “Subtract  GST” and if you want to include GST to a specific price, you can select “Add GST”

Meaning of GST Calculator Terms

GST Australia

GST Australia is the applied tax by the government of Australia on the trading or sale of different types of products and services in Australia. GST stands for goods and services tax.

 Introduction of GST in Australia

In Australia, GST was first applied on the 1st of July in the year 2000. This tax was introduced by the government of Australia and some rules were defined for GST. GST is collected by the  ATO

How much is the GST

There can be an increase or decrease in tax as per the government laws of the country. For now, it is a 10% tax that is applied to most goods and services that are sold or purchased in Australia.

GST Rate in Different Cities of Australia


Based on the 10% GST rate, there is an easy formula to calculate GST in Australia. You can calculate how to add GST on a product(GST-exclusive product)  by multiplying the price of the product by 1.1. On the other hand, if you want to know the added amount of GST in a product(GST-inclusive product) by reversing GST calculations, simply divide the product amount by 11. By using this method you will get an idea of how to work out GST from the total price of the product by excluding or including the amount of GST in an item. You can easily find these calculations by using the GST calculator tool.

Example of GST calculation

What is the percentage of GST rate in Australia?

In Australia, the GST rate is 10 percent, which means if you want to sell an item at the rate of 30$ then the customer will get it at the price of 33$. The added amount is the total GST applied on that particular good which is then collected by the government through ATO. In addition to this, you can claim back the GST which you had already paid on the supply of goods for your business.

Every business is liable to pay GST, by removing the amount of GST  he spent on purchases from the amount of  GST he gets on sales.

GST on sales – GST on purchases = payable GST to ATO

ATO stands for Australian Taxation Office which manages and collects tax (sales tax, payroll tax, etc.) from different organizations and businesses to generate revenue for government services in Australia.

working of GST

How to register for gST?

After getting your ABN number, You can register yourself by following any of these methods:

  • Different online services are available on the internet.
  • By visiting your registered Tax agent or Bas agent.
  • You can get assistance from the Australian taxation office by dialing their official number 13 28 66. Note that the office timings for it is 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, so you must call within official timings.

Quarterly plan to pay GST

It is most likely to pay the GST amount every quarter. The due dates for the quarters of the year are given below, you need to pay GST within the due date otherwise there will be a penalty applied by ATO. Generally, the due date is the 28th of next month in each quarter. Here is the table of due dates for the year 2024. There can be slight changes in due dates every year.

GST For Business and Organization

As per government of Australia, you are entitled to pay GST if

  • Your annual turnover is $75,000 or more.
  • If you are a taxi driver or driver of any other ride-sharing car such as Uber or DIDI, then you have to pay and apply GST regardless of annual turnover.
  •  Nonprofit organizations are exempted from paying GST  unless their annual turnover is  $150,000 or above.
When you need to register for GST

GST Claim back

Any business can claim GST which they have paid on their purchases. In other words, the GST is paid by the customer and not by the business itself.

GST return and payment workout

To calculate GST return and payment, you must have a complete record of your paid GST on purchases and the record of the GST received on sales. You can calculate the GST amount on products by simply using our GST calculator to avoid any complications.

All amount of GST can be claimed back which you spent on purchase from ATO by simply deducting the amount of GST you received on sale from the buyer.


GST Free Items

The Government of Australia has made some products and services that are GST-free. The purpose is to provide and supply essential goods more conveniently to the citizens by lowering the burden of GST on them.

This means that some products and services are included in the category of GST- free so there will be no GST tax applied on such products or supplies.

If you are selling a  GST-free item or giving a service that is GST free then you will not charge GST from the customer on that specific product or service and consequently will not claim GST credits as refunds from the government. Likewise, the customer will not pay GST on it.

Examples of  GST- free Goods and Services

There are a few examples of products and services which fall under the category of GST-free items.

In addition to this, there are certain products that are partially GST-free, which means bread bought from a store will be GST free but the same bread ordered from a restaurant will be subjected to GST. Besides this, there are some of the few scenarios in which GST is not applied by the government of Australia which include:

Exports from  Australia

This means items that are being used outside the state of Australia are exempted from paying GST. This is because the product is not being consumed in Australian territory.

Input taxed supplies

There are some input-taxed supplies such as residential rents and fundraising events by charities which means that these services are exempted from GST. Sellers will not pay GST on these sales

Pre-owned sales

If a businessman sells goods from a smaller seller who owns those goods and is exempted from paying GST on those products.  then such second-hand sales are exempted from GST. That means he doesn’t have to pay GST on the sale of such second-hand products.


 Before registering for GST you must have an ABN number for GST registration. If you are meeting the eligibility criteria to pay GST then it is best to register yourself for GST within 21 days.

You can easily calculate your GST refund by simply subtracting  the amount of GST you spent on purchases from the amount of GST you received on sales.